11-12.03.2023. ∙ CALL – Casting Workshop: 2084 Project

We are looking for applications from actors, dancers, and movement artists for the next movement theater production of Ladder Art Company. Artists of any age are welcome. Artists under the age of 30 will have an additional opportunity to participate in the “International Theater Seminar for Young Artists Lublin 2023” program in Poland.

About the Casting Workshop

Venue: Budapest, Jurányi Production Community House, Workshop Foundation, Room 80.

Date: 11-12.03.2023, 10.00-18.00

Apply if:

  • you have performing experience and are interested in the world of movement and physical theatre,
  • you consider the climate crisis to be real and important, you would like to be the artistic co-creator of a performance related to this topic,
  • you are curious and open to new forms of performative expression, training-based theatre work
  • you will be able to attend the casting workshop, as well as the rehearsal process in May 2023, 4 hours a day on weekdays (planned in the mornings).
  • you accept the financial conditions of the first rehearsal period (see below)

Nature and purpose of the workshop:

During the 2-day intensive workshop, through training exercises borrowed from different physical theatre and acting methods (e.g. Lecoq, Viewpoints, M. Chekhov), applicants can get to know the nature of the rehearsal process, its approach, and the director’s working method. The “casting” nature of the workshop is two-sided, not only does the director look for the team from the applicants for the later performance, but the participants also decide whether they want to participate in the creation process using the approaches learned during the workshop.

During the casting workshop, the applicants engage in training exercises that help the development of performing arts skills, so it can also provide useful experience for those who will not be included in the further working process.

You can apply with a professional resume sent to ladderartcompany@gmail.com and a maximum 3-minute introduction video, in which you say that

  • what motivates you to apply;
  • what is your relationship with movement-based theatre;
  • what is your relationship to the climate crisis?

Deadline of applications: 2023.02.23.

Applying for the Casting Workshop does not necessarily mean an invitation to it! Applicants will be notified about the result until February 26.

About the upcoming production

2084 – the arrival of the Golden Age is a movement-based theatre performance in which the worlds of visual and physical theatre, the absurd and burlesque melt into one. Referring to George Orwell’s novel (1984), it explores the likely consequences of social and environmental change in the 21st century. It strives to react to the current challenges of climate change demonstrating how global warming and related threats affect our present and near future. The performance tells a fictional, utopian and symbolic story of about those forced to leave their homes due to the various effects of the climate crisis, who seek their prosperity in the hope of a new, more peaceful life.


Somewhere on a planet called Earth, in some Ocean, sometime around 2084.

Those who have been forced to flee due to the various effects of the climate crisis are traveling on a raft made of piles of plastic garbage. Some have had their homes destroyed by a natural disaster, others have had unbearable weather in their country, and some are fleeing war. They are the ones who fled from different countries to find a new home. Or at least safety. Or at least some more food. They, a handful, are the population of the Earth. The rest. Who survived.

And they are all animals.

The people? They have already died, disappeared, fled to another planet, or who knows where. And the survivors are like the inhabitants of a 21st century Noah’s Ark – relying on each other, they look for land where they can start a new life.

Is it possible to remain an animal in the dehumanized world? After humanity destroyed the planet, did it leave behind a foot (paw) of habitable land? And did fear, selfishness, and the lust for power manage to seep into the hearts of animals, or is there still hope for a new beginning, for the arrival of the Golden Age after the Flood of the 21st century?

The inspiration of the form, reference of style:

The works of Philippe Genty, Maguy Marin, James Thiérrée, Slava Polunin.

Inspiration for the story, reference of dramaturgy:

S. Mrozek: On the open sea, the biblical Noah’s Ark

Author: Sári O. Horváth and Mátyás Marofka

Director: Mátyás Marofka (www.matyasmarofka.com)

During the training-based rehearsal process, the participants gain an insight into the methodical methods of J. Lecoq, Viewpoints and M. Chekhov, as well as clowning and physical theatre practices.

Planned rehearsal period:

Rehearsal period : May 2023, 4 hours a day on weekdays (planned in the mornings)

Premier: end of May 2023.

Rehearsal period 2. and premier: autumn 2023

Based on the production, another performance will be created in the fall of 2023. Performers may also be given opportunitiesa to participate in this, upon further consultation.

The financial conditions of the first stage of the planned rehearsal process:

HUF 120,000 allowance for rehearsals and premier in May, and those who are under 30 years old will have the opportunity to participate in the “International Theater Seminar for Young Artists Lublin 2023” held between May 29 and June 6 in Lublin, Poland.

This program is a Visegrad Fund program organized by the Polish Eastern Theater Foundation, during which Polish, Czech and Hungarian, young, international theatre creators (actors, directors, dramaturgs, designers, composers) jointly create theatre projects during a week spent together at the Lublin residence. and they can meet Polish theatre creators and expand their knowledge in the workshops of the instructors participating in the program. The project is a great opportunity to build international relationships, get to know new theatre forms and methods, and try out your own artistic ideas in a safe environment. Participants in the program receive full financial support of accommodation, food and travel for the duration of the Polish residency, as well as free workshops and sightseeing programs in Lublin.

(The only reason for the age distinction is that people over the age of 29 cannot participate in the “International Theater Seminar for Young Artists Lublin 2023” program.)

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