2023. May 28, 2084 – The Arrival  of the Golden Age, SÍN Arts and Culture Center:

 – Movement theatre performance –

Together with the never-ending repetition of humanity’s own traps, there is an immeasurable need to discuss the same mistakes that never cease.

 What will be the consequences of social and environmental changes in the 21st century? How does humanity’s influence on nature change the way people live on Earth? If, through fear, lust for power, and ignorance, we are the cause of our own destruction, what will happen to our world next? What remains on Earth?

 Humanity doesn’t learn from its history. For centuries, the same cycle has characterized the events of our civilization. As the separation between “us” and “them” intensifies, different human groups turn against each other to cause suffering and death in the name of an ideology. After that, there will be a shorter or longer period of peace, until we forget our previous mistakes, sins and sufferings. This is nothing new.

 At the same time, the 21st century’s technological progress, social processes and global warming are taking this repeated self-destruction to unprecedented levels. The degree of peace and harmony of the long-awaited golden age that followed is equal to the force of the self- and environmental destruction that produced it.

Performers: Zsófia Bach, Charlotte Puebla Coenen, Eszter Császár, Ágnes Csikász, Bernadett Garaj, Fanni Lakos, Viktória Morvai Berenice
Music, musical selection: Marcell Pető
History, dramaturgy: Sári O. Horváth, Mátyás Marofka
Professional consultant: Máté Czakó
Costumes, set: Hanna Masznyik
Production manager: Brigitta Kovács
Director: Mátyás Marofka
Recommended for: ages 10 and up. 
Supporters: National Cultural Fund, Workshop Foundation, Sín Arts Center

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