Ab ovo travels the country

Artistic director Mátyás Marofka and Péter Wagner-Puskás musician performed Ab ovo in several secondary schools during March and April, as part of the Déryné Programme’s KULTUP programme.

Thanks to the programme, during the month of March we could performed in front of the students in Veszprém, Gyöngyös, Törökszentmiklós and Komló. This month we had 2 performances a day in each school.

In April, the play travelled to six more cities, namely Szeged, Szentendre, Mosonmagyaróvár, Püspökladány, Sátoraljaújhely and Mohács. In Szeged and Szentendre we had 2 performances daily, while only in the other cities. This month in Sátoraljaújhely, András Pagonyi replaced Péter Wagner-Puskás and accompanied the play as musician.

Many thanks to KultUp for the invitation and the organisation, we hope that thanks to the programme we could bring circus arts closer to the students!

The KULTUP Programme offers theatre and arts themed performances and workshops for secondary school students, with the aim of bringing culture closer to the younger generation.

In their own words, “The aim of the programme is to bring theatre and arts education programmes to secondary schools, with the aim of experiential education, cultural dissemination, career guidance and talent management. Particular attention will be paid to institutions with limited access to culture.”

Find more information about the programme here: https://kultup.hu/

Ab ovo

Clown-mime show

Four clown characters – one actor. A musician. And the audience.

That’s all we need, so with some humor and poetry we can look at how differently we relate to things in the world – to love, work, each other, ourselves or just a rocking chair. All this because of our attitude to life and behavior patterns.

Ab Ovo is a clown-mime show with live music, a story of the four classic temperament personality types. Using the archetypal attitudes of sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic, 4 clown characters appear before us. With humour and poetry, but without words, they provoke the question: how are our entrenched patterns of behaviour tied to our lives?

Interactive, family show with live music.

Read more about the performance here: https://ladderartcompany.com/performances/ab-ovo/

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