11-12/05/2019 ∙ Bestiarium Budapestiensis 2019 – Acting Workshop on Masks

Experience the liberator power of ancient Commedia del’Arte mask in a XXI century context! Follow archetypical characters emerging from your body and subconscious, let them learn their behavioral repertory in the modern social world, and release them in improvisation. Our attitude is of Theatre Anthropology, we are constantly refreshing methodology; a blend of various somatic and body consciousness techniques, physical theatre, clown play, a large set of improvisation and interactivity exercises orientated by the analytic urge of social psychology.

Coach: Balázs Simon

05. 11. 2019., 10h-13h and 15h-18h
05. 12. 2019., 10h-13h and 15h-18h

Application fee: 50 euro

Where? Moha – Mozdulatművészek Háza, Hungary, 1097 Budapest, Tagló u. 11-13

Application: To apply, please send us a short letter of interest and some information about your precious theatre/training experience to the ladderartcompany.workshops@gmail.com adress. Professional background is not required for the participation.

Further workshops:
– Workshop on Suzuki and Viewpoints – 14-16 June, coach: Gábor Viktor Kozma
– Workshop on Chekhov-technique – 21-23 June, coach: Gretchen Egolf
– Music and Physicality – Actor training workshop based on the method of W. Staniewski – 5-7 July, coach: Esztella Levko

The workshops are supported by Nemzeti Kulturális Alap.

Balázs Simon:
Simon has received his theatre director diploma at UFTA Budapest in 1995. At the age of 22 he was a member of the directors’ board at Vígszínház. He worked on the main Hungarian stages. He was amongst the founders of the legendary independent Bárka Theatre. Later he participated at the establishment of the Zsámbék Theatre Base, which was considered at the time the most important experimental open air venue in Hungary.

In 2006 after 40 premiers, Simon withdrew from the world of official theatres and turned towards studies of applied theatre, psychology and sociology. Within the framework of Utcaszínházi Alkotóközösség (SpecStreet Creative Community), he was experimenting with popular theatre forms and psycho-effective techniques to get disadvantaged groups of society engaged, in order to access education with performing arts, to tackle main community issues and to offer tools for development in the most vulnerable segments of the Hungarian society.

For their work with underprivileged youngsters, the US Embassy of Budapest granted the Civil Citizenship Award in 2012, and the youth protection professionals the precious Ferenczy award in 2017.

In the past decade Utca-szak has gathered significant experience in NGO management. Utca is writing, implementing and reporting international projects on regular basis: the EXCEPT 2012-14 (Creative Europe), Summer Academies of Socially Engaged Performing Arts of 2014-17 (Erasmus+). Utca-szak is repeatedly granted by Norwegian Funds, Open Society Foundation, Visegrad Fund, National Cultural Fund etc.

In 2016 Simon acquired PhD degree with the “Flow in Theatre – The psychophysiological and behavioural scientific background of theatre”, including research of psychology, psychophysiology, brain studies and assessing measurements with quantifying methods (mainly HRV data collection). He gathered data on larger training, monodrama improvisation and conventional performing art settings to understand the importance of the mirrored emotions in the process of adherence. The ensemble of Utca-szak was the first subject worldwide of groupwise data collections in 2012. Lately with a group of devoted scientists formed an international research alliance and conceptualized the 8th Sense project for „enhancing group resilience and well-being through the fostering of meta-awareness of intersubjective dynamics using collective creative practices supported by psychophysiological feedback protocols.“

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