Ab ovo travels the country

Artistic director Mátyás Marofka and Péter Wagner-Puskás musician performed Ab ovo in several secondary schools during March and April, as part of the Déryné Programme’s KULTUP programme. Thanks to the programme, during the month of March we could performed in front of the students in Veszprém, Gyöngyös, Törökszentmiklós and Komló. This month we had 2 […]

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Awakening at Artus Studio on 31 May

Our next performance with Awakening is on 31 May, at Artus Studio. This is the last performance before the association’s debut in Avignon, as the Hungarian guest of the Avignon Festival’s off-programme. Awakening – circus-theatre shownon-verbal play for one rope, two characters, and several fairies English friendlyDuration: 75minsAge: 6+ „For many years I mistook myself […]

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2024. March 16-17. – P.E.M (Perdekamp Emotional Method) Acting workshop with Sarah Victoria

About the workshop: Experience how P.E.M. can revolutionize your acting craft. Throughout two morning sessions, you will be guided to access all six key emotions within P.E.M.: Aggression, Happiness, Grief, Lust, Fear, and Revulsion. Learn to come in and out of intense emotional states quickly, easily, and repeatably, and learn to apply this to performing. […]

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October 19, 2023 InPerTrain dissemination event, Târgu Mureş – organized by Universitatea de Arte din Târgu-Mureș/University of the Arts in Târgu-Mureș

As part of the trilateral Erasmus+ research project, the results of the InPerTrain project will be presented on 19 October. Dr. Gábor Kozma, researcher and practitioner of the project, will present the written manual and its practical application in a four-hour practical lecture and discussion. InPerTrain dissemination event, Târgu Mureş – 19 October 2023 What […]

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2023. október 19. – Online InPerTrain Dissemination Event

As a part of our trilateral Erasmus+ research project a Dissemination Event will take place via Zoom to present the outcome of the InPerTrain Project. Through a three hour practical presentation and discussion, Mátyás Marofka, researcher and practitioner of the project, will present the written manual and its practical application. InPerTrain Online Dissemination Event – […]

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September 10-17,  #EFFEAresidency: 2084 – the Arrival of the Golden Age: Movement Theatre Workshop and Workshop Presentation at Istanbul Fringe Festival:

Matyas Marofka, Artistic Director of Ladder Art Company from Hungary led a movement theatre workshop at TEATR BRAMA as part of Bramat Festival with the 2084 Project that was selected for the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists (EFFEA) grant in partnership with Istanbul Fringe Festival (Turkey) and Winterwerft Festival (Germany). Within the scope of […]

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