2084 – arrival of the Golden Age

movement theatre show – work in process

Somewhere on a planet called Earth, in some ocean, sometime around 2084.

Those who have been forced to flee due to the various effects of climate change are traveling on a raft made of piles of plastic garbage. Some have had their homes destroyed by natural disaster, others have had unbearable weather in their country, and some are fleeing war. They, a handful, are the population of the Earth. The rest. Who survived. For now.

They fled from different areas to find a new home. Or at least safety. Or at least some food. Or at least a minute of peace. There are from all over here, big, small, white, black, chubby, thin, hairy, bare. Under normal circumstances, they would not pay attention to each other. In fact, maybe they would be each other’s enemies. But now they have to hold it together. They are depending on each other, however different they may be. They have a common cause: survival.

And… they are all animals. The humans? They have already died, disappeared, fled to another planet, or who knows where. And the survivors are like the inhabitants of a 21st-century Arc of Noah – but now they lack the certainty that they will see land one day and can start a new  life.

Is it possible to remain an animal in the dehumanized world? After humanity destroyed the planet, did they leave behind a foot (paw) of habitable land? And did fear, selfishness, and lust for power manage to seep into the hearts of animals, or is there still hope for a new beginning, for the arrival of the Golden Age after the Flood of the 21st century?

2084 – arrival of the Golden Age is a movement theater performance in which burlesque, visual and physical theater melt into one. Actors, dancers, clowns, movement artists, physical theater performers tell a story about those forced to leave their homes due to the various effects of the climate crisis, and who are looking for hope of a new, peaceful life.


Director: Mátyás Marofka

Author: Sári O. Horváth


Planned premiere in 2023.

CALL – Casting Workshop: 2084 Project

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