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Awakening is an interdisciplinary piece, integrating new-circus, pantomime and physical theatre genres, created by the young artists of the emerging company in Hungary, Ladder Art Company.

In the performance circus etudes, aerial acrobatics, clowning, live music and visual theatre elements create its unique world that can attract audiences with diverse interests.
Two performers and four musicians tell a story of the duality of humankind that is displayed by two characters placed into two different worlds on stage – one that is magical and dreamy, and one that is more physical and realistic.
With humour and self-reflection, this performance is looking into our pettiness, cowardice, anxiety and also our moments of bravery and affection while we are trying to understand our behaviour as humans. A story about dreams, boundaries, growing up and finding our true self.

A pantomime with circus etudes, humour, visuality and live music – written for one rope, two characters and several fairies…

Thinking about awakening let’s put aside that heavy moment that first comes to your mind.
This awakening is not leading you to the morning wake-up calls, but to a dream that is full of fun:
it is a dream about a circus without any clowns or acrobats;
it is magic that doesn’t require anything else, but a pillow, and that lets you light up the sky by the stars that you draw with your own fingers.

So this is the awakening that wakes you up with that waggish smile on your face, as your dream colors up the greyish world – hopefully tonight, too. 😉

Duration: 1 hour

Creators and performers:
Mátyás Marofka
Balázs Kulcsár

Adrián Kovács – piano
Szabolcs Dörnyei – guitar
Stefánia Pénzes – singer
Árpád Székely – drums

Music: Victor Morató Ribera
Musical director: Adrián Kovács
Costume and set design: Zsuzsa Szőke
Light design: András Váradi
Assistant: Krisztián Kiliti
Technical assistant: Norbert Bakonyi
Production manager: Brigitta Kovács

Photos: Aliz Győri
Visual, poster: Luca Molnár

International Visegrad Fund, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, SÍN Cultural Centre (Budapest) Divadlo Thália Theatre (Kosice), Artus Stúdió (Budapest)
The production is created in the frame of Artus Studio’s program, “Arccal a halnak”.