2023. október 21-29. – International Theatre Workshop Forum

The International Theatre Workshop Forum is back! Grab your tickets and join us for an exciting 9 days in Budapest on 21-29 October 2023! ⬇️

The International Theatre Workshop Forum in Budapest incorporates workshops from the world’s leading experts in acting methods and actor training approaches.

Central to our practice is the concept of ongoing theatre training, with the aim to create a place for professional development and exchange in the field of performing arts.

During the program in Budapest teachers and practitioners from the performing arts sector will offer international workshops and rare learning opportunities to professional and amateur theatre people alike.

Forum 2023 Shedule:

◾ 21-22 Oct: P.E.M. Acting Workshop with Sarah Victoria.

◾ 23-28 Oct: SITI Company Inc.’s Viewpoints and Composition workshop: Training, Practice & Making with Ellen Lauren and Will Bond.

◾ 29 Oct: InPerTrain Workshop & Dissemination Event with Ladder Art Company

◾ Open accompanying events throughout the week!

P.E.M. Acting Workshop with Sarah Victoria:

Perdekamp Emotional Method is a groundbreaking acting method that provides actors and performers with a direct, effortless and safe access to authentic emotions on a purely physical basis, without using personal experiences or emotional memory. PEM was created by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp to provide actors with a reliable craft and to take care of their well-being.

Date: 21-22 October

Price: 180 EUR

Apply here: https://forms.gle/K7iunCGc9Er5JjtRA

SITI Company Inc.’s Viewpoints and Composition workshop: Training, Practice & Making with Ellen Lauren and Will Bond.

Ellen Lauren and Will Bond return to the Ladder Company to offer a week-long all day intensive experience based upon the physical and creative practices they innovated with SITI Company. The work is based upon the discoveries of pioneering theater makers Tadashi Suzuki, Anne Bogart, Mary Overlie, and Wendell Beavers, along with our own SITI Company colleagues, it includes rigorous physical training, somatic practices, and creative problem-solving.

Date: 23-28 October

Price: 440 EUR

Apply here: https://forms.gle/K7iunCGc9Er5JjtRA

InPerTrain Workshop & Dissemination Event with Ladder Art Company:

Individual Performer Training (InPerTrain) is an innovation in the performer’s training practices: research on individual performer training structures and methodologies supported by Erasmus+. Through a one-day practical workshop and discussion, Gábor Viktor Kozma and Mátyás Marofka, researchers and practitioners of the project, will present the written manual and its practical application.

Date: 29 October

Free of charge, but the application is required.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/K7iunCGc9Er5JjtRA

Accompanying Events:

The Accompanying Events of the International Theatre Workshop Forum are programs besides the practical workshops. These events are open and free to attend for anybody who is interested in the themes, however, online registration is compulsory!

◾ 22 Oct: PEM-Acting Discussion

◾ 25 Oct: SITI lecture presentation, showing, and discussion: SITI Company’s 30 years

◾ 27 Oct: History of SITI Company-broader perspective of making and sustaining an ensemble in the 21st century

◾ 28 Oct: “Open house” of the training workshop for the public and participants to practice and share questions and insights.

◾ 29 Oct: InPerTrain Presentation and Discussion

RSVP here: https://forms.gle/JhxU8CrteenFNVAZA

There is a limited number of places with discounted prices for

professionals working in the Hungarian performing arts scene!

The events are held in Budapest, exact locations are to be shared after applying.

For more information about the event, please visit the official website: www.forum.ladderartcompany.com

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