Ladder Art Company is an emerging interdisciplinary theatre association based in Budapest, Hungary. We have been organizing cultural events, workshops, artistic collaborations and producing theatre productions since our establishment in 2016.

Our  purpose is to encourage responsibility, consciousness, acceptance, open-mindedness, and supportive way of life through artistic projects.

“…There is only one knowledge, the rest are just extensions: the earth is below you, the sky is above you, the ladder is inside you…”

Mirrors facing each other (quote) by Sándor Weöres

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Weekly Chekhov

Regular actor training on Monday mornings between 10 am – 1 pm, at Workshop Foundation, 1027 Budapest, Jurányi street 1-3. This program allows professional and amateur actors and performers to brush up their acting skills, experience new tools, or practice the method they already know. The first part of the… Continue reading

11-12.03.2023. ∙ CALL – Casting Workshop: 2084 Project

We are looking for applications from actors, dancers, and movement artists for the next movement theater production of Ladder Art Company. Artists of any age are welcome. Artists under the age of 30 will have an additional opportunity to participate in the “International Theater Seminar for Young Artists Lublin 2023”… Continue reading

Currently there are no upcoming events.

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