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Ladder Art Company is an emerging art company based in Budapest, Hungary. We have been organizing cultural events, workshops and collaborations between artists working in different areas of art, and producing theatre productions since our establishment in 2016. Our purpose is to encourage responsibility, consciousness, acceptance, open-mindedness, and supportive way of life through artistic projects.

In our performances, we combine new circus, clowning, physical-, movement- and visual theatre elements, which go beyond classical theatre genres, with the aim of creating a special world that attracts the attention of our audience to innovative theatrical concepts and contemporary art forms. We believe that theatrical tools have a social-forming power. That is why we take great emphasis on choosing themes and issues that affect a broader section of society. Our projects are gaining professional recognition, we have been touring in several national and international festivals (Valley of Arts Hunggary, Infinite Dance Festival Oradea, Voila! Europe London, Istanbul Fringe Festival, Bergen Fringe Festival).

As well as creating productions, our association plays a significant role in the further training of national and Europian theatre profession. We organize training opportunities for theatre professionals and amateurs with the involvement of international teachers, we lead theatre courses and participate in international educational and research projects. Our motivation is to support the acquisition and raise the consciousness of established expertise and techniques for a new generation of actors, performers, and theatre practitioners.

In the framework of our Theatre Master Courses project, we have been organizing 12 workshops in Budapest, inviting internationally acclaimed teachers and practitioners (Ian Morgan, Oleg Zukovsky, Vladimir Granov, Gretchen Egolf, Joan Catala). In the summer of 2021, we implemented the first International Theatre Workshop Forum with the participation of leading teachers from the Polish Gardzienice Centre for Theatre Practices and the SITI Company in New York, among others. The event also included a two-day conference, the Environmental Weekend, with talks and presentations on climate change and environmental issues.

In 2022-23 we lead the InPerTrain international Erasmus+ research project in the field of performing arts. This program is an innovation in the performer’s training practices on individual performer training structures and methodologies.

Production team

Mátyás Marofka – artistic director

Artistic director of Ladder Art Company, director and performer of Awakening, Matyas Marofka, is an actor, coach, director, aerial acrobat in circus arts.A student of the Michael Chekhov International Academy in Berlin, Leandre Ribera is a collaborator of the world-famous Catalan clown. After studying acting (MA Acting at University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest), and learning actor-training (MA Actor Training and Coaching at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London), worked as an actor in wide variety of theatre shows in Hungary, before founding Ladder Art Company. He is also a researcher and teacher of psycho-physical actor training approaches and physical theatre practices. (

Brigitta Kovács – production manager

Brigitta is a producer and cultural manager, based in Budapest, Hungary, but has a great focus on international co-productions and cultural projects. As an artist manager she provides support for individual artists and collectives alike, to develop their career, find collaborators, funding, and presentation opportunities both locally and internationally. She’s been involved in several international networks and programs, such as Tandem Europe, IETM, Bosch Alumni Network, Visegrad Grant projects, Erasmus+. In 2021 she became a CEC ArtsLink fellow. Besides her work with the artists, she has a strong focus on the development of the contemporary performing arts scene as a whole, and takes part in several initiatives and projects that serve this mission. Besides Ladder Art Company, Brigitta is working on a regular basis with Beatrix Simkó choreographer, Workshop Foundation and Hungary Live Arts Foundation. Brigi Kovács is the production manager of Ladder Art Company since 2018.

Abigél Juhász – project manager

Abigél graduated with a degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures, specialising in Japanese. She began working on international projects in 2019, focusing on sustainability and fostering awareness among young people. Since 2021, she has been working as a cultural manager. Her career started with the implementation of international projects in Hungary, focusing on participatory theater, such as the Stronger Peripheries project. Currently, she is a freelancer, working with Ladder Art Company on the 2084 Creative Europe project and frequently collaborating with the Workshop Foundation. Beyond theater and contemporary dance, Abigél is also involved in projects aimed at fostering media literacy among young people.

Emese Csoba – project assistant

Emese graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest with an excellent degree in Communication and Media Science. During her studies she spent a semester as an exchange student at the Nottingham Trent University in England, where she broadened her academic knowledge in Film Production and TV History. Now, she works as a project assistant to Brigitta Kovács production manager and she is in charge of managing the social media sites of Ladder Art Company. She helps with several different projects such as the International Theatre Workshop Forum, tour management and administrative tasks as well.

Eszter Lovrity – project manager

Eszter is a production assistant and project manager at Létra. She graduated in Design and Art Theory from Moholy-Nagy University of Arts in Budapest in 2020. During her university years, she spent an exchange year in Marseille, France, studying photography. Later, she remained in France for its vibrant multicultural environment for an additional four years. She began her career as a production assistant, working on a cultural event series. With her multidisciplinary background, she navigates both the visual and performative art scenes, having worked for several art galleries and contributed to social events. As a French-speaking project manager at Ladder Art Company, she now contributes to bringing the company’s productions to France.

Creative team

Ádám Boncz

Mondays for Future

Máté Czakó

Mondays for Future, Ab Ovo

Krisztián Kiliti


Adrián Kovács


Balázs Kulcsár


Fanni Lakos

Mondays for Future

Leandre Ribera

Ab Ovo

Ákos Lengyel


Esztella Levko

Mondays for Future

Aletta Lokodi

Mondays for Future

Mátyás Major

Mondays for Future

Ádám Munkácsi

Mondays for Future

Sári O. Horváth

Mondays for Future, Ab Ovo

Marcell Pető

Ab Ovo

Zsuzsa Szőke

Awakening, Mondays for Future

Victor Morato Ribera


Aliz Győri


Luca Molnár

graphic designer

Emese Csoba


Mirabell Kirkland


Gábor Viktor Kozma


Katalin Gordos


Anna Seress


Board of the association

Balázs Kulcsár – president

Mátyás Marofka – vice president

Fruzsina Horváth – secretary

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