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Ladder Art Company is an emerging interdisciplinary theatre association based in Budapest, Hungary. We have been organizing cultural events, workshops, artistic collaborations and producing theatre productions since our establishment in 2016.

Our  purpose is to encourage responsibility, consciousness, acceptance, open-mindedness, and supportive way of life through artistic projects.

“…There is only one knowledge, the rest are just extensions: the earth is below you, the sky is above you, the ladder is inside you…”

Mirrors facing each other (quote) by Sándor Weöres

Crowdfunding campaign


With this fundraiser, we would like to ask our supporters to help us with our accommodation costs in Avignon.

The total cost of the whole programme is very high and we have already received funding from various sources (MMA alumni scholarship, NKA, Culture Moves Europe, Creative Europe (Next Stage)). However, the budget for the representation of the performance at the festival is beyond the amount that can be obtained from these grants and ticketing sources.

As we are unable to raise this shortfall from other sources, we are launching a community fundraising campaign.



Ab ovo travels the country

Artistic director Mátyás Marofka and Péter Wagner-Puskás musician performed Ab ovo in several secondary schools during March and April, as part of the Déryné Programme’s KULTUP programme. Thanks to the programme, during the month of March we could performed in front of the students in Veszprém, Gyöngyös, Törökszentmiklós and Komló…. Continue reading

Awakening at Artus Studio on 31 May

Our next performance with Awakening is on 31 May, at Artus Studio. This is the last performance before the association’s debut in Avignon, as the Hungarian guest of the Avignon Festival’s off-programme. Awakening – circus-theatre shownon-verbal play for one rope, two characters, and several fairies English friendlyDuration: 75minsAge: 6+ „For… Continue reading

OPEN CALL for The 2084 Project’s Artistic Residency

ABOUT THE 2084 PROJECT The 2084 project (2023-2025) is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, which aims to foster sustainable creation in the field of performing arts through an international collaboration involving partners from Hungary, France, and Poland. The main objective is to lay the groundwork for sustainable… Continue reading

Currently there are no upcoming events.

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