OPEN CALL for The 2084 Project’s Artistic Residency


The 2084 project (2023-2025) is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, which aims to foster sustainable creation in the field of performing arts through an international collaboration involving partners from Hungary, France, and Poland. The main objective is to lay the groundwork for sustainable performing art practices, focusing on creating productions, with climate change as a subject, that is environmentally responsible and can serve as a model for future creators committed to sustainability.

The project includes an artistic residency held in November of 2024, in Budapest. During the residency, the project’s core artistic team will collaborate with local artists to create the 2084 movement-theatre performance and exhibition. The performance will integrate the global themes of the project with the environmental challenges and stories unique to Hungary. Following the premiere, the work developed during the residency is intended to stand independently within the local context, continuing without the direct involvement ofthe original creators.


We are looking for artists based in Hungary or the neighboring countries who live close to the Hungarian border and are active in the following disciplines:

● performers, actors, dancers, movement-artists with interest and experience in physical theatre
● musicians: classical pianistswith experience in theatre and voice artists experienced in singing modern
music or jazz, familiar with sounds for creative music and narration, being able to play on rhythmical instruments or percussions
● costume and set designers with experience in theatre
● fine artists of any genre with an interest of working on a fine art exhibition on the theme of climate change and sustainability

Artists must have a good understanding of English and be available for the entire duration of the residency, and the presentation event. As the project is committed to sustainability, it is essential that participants use eco-friendly travel options to Budapest, excluding air travel,thereby ensuring a smaller ecological footprint.


● An artistic fee of 1200 EUR (including VAT) for performers and musicians participating in both the residency and the performance.
● An artistic fee of 1000 EUR (including VAT) forcostume-set designer and fine artist participating in the residency.

● Engagement in rich exchange of artistic creation knowledge and best practices through close
collaborationwith ourinternational artisticteam
● The performance and the exhibition is intended to remain active locally and is planned for long-term national and international staging, offering a possibility for continued working opportunities.


For performing artists
1st Round – Application submission

  • Complete and submit the application form by
    midnight on 10th of May, 2024.
  • Selected candidates will be invited to the
    second round by 16th of May.
    2nd Round – Video task submission
  • Record and send a short video performing two
    tasks provided by the artisticteamby 24th of
  • Chosen candidates will be invited to the final
    round by 30th of May.
    3rd Round – Casting workshop
  • Participate in a live, 2-day casting workshop
    on 8-9th of June.
  • Selected artists will be informed of their
    invitation to join the residency by 10th of
    June, 2024

For musicians, costume-set designers,
and fine artists
1st Round – Application Submission

  • Complete and submit the application form for
    musicians, for costume and set designers, and for
    fine artists by midnight on 10th of May,
  • Selected candidates will be invited to the
    second round by 20th of May.
    2nd Round – Online task and interviews
  • Complete an individual online task;
    interviews may also be conducted if needed.
    This process will take place between May 16
    and June 8
  • Selected artists will be informed of their
    invitation to join the residency by 10th of
    June, 2024

The artistic residency is scheduled for November 2024. It is planned for 3 weeks, providing intensive collaboration. Exact dates will be provided later. The culmination of the residency, a theatre performance and exhibition, will premiere atthe end of November – beginning of December 2024. All activities will take placeinBudapest, Hungary.

Mátyás Marofka – director, artistic leader
Krzysztof Gmiter–choreographer
Victor Morato Ribera -music composer
Marcel Pető -music supervisor
Sári O. Horváth -writer
Máté Czakó – assistant director
Aliz Győri – photographer
Hanna Masznyik -set designer
Alexandra Auer -costume designer
Judit Csanádi-stage designer supervisor


2084 is visioned as a nonverbal, movement-based, physical, and visual theater performance. Referring to George Orwell’s novel (1984). It explores the likely consequences of social and environmental change in the 21st century and tells a fictional, utopistic, and symbolic story of humanity in 2084. It strives to react to the current challenges of climate change demonstrating how global warming and related threats affect our present and near future. It mirrors how we enlarge disagreements and segregation of humankind in times of difficulties, while we need peace and unity to resolve the threats we have caused.

The story of the performance is inspired by a Polish drama, Out at Sea (Na pełnym morzu) by Sławomir Mrożek. As in the biblical story of the Arc of Noah, a group of archetypal animals as refugees from various problems caused by climate change are traveling on a raft of plastic rubbish at the open sea in the year 2084. They symbolize humans from different countries forced to be together defenselessly. They carry their memories, sorrow, and frustration of the past. Despite their differences, they are in great need of each other to find a new home.

For more information about the project, and the artistic team please visit the project partner’s websites:

Ladder Art Company from Hungary
La Transplanisphere
from France
from Poland

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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