2024. March 16-17. – P.E.M (Perdekamp Emotional Method) Acting workshop with Sarah Victoria

Ladder Art Company is organising a P.E.M Acting workshop with Sarah Victoria on March 16-17.

About the workshop:

Experience how P.E.M. can revolutionize your acting craft. Throughout two morning sessions, you will be guided to access all six key emotions within P.E.M.: Aggression, Happiness, Grief, Lust, Fear, and Revulsion. Learn to come in and out of intense emotional states quickly, easily, and repeatably, and learn to apply this to performing. P.E.M.’s body-based exercises invite you to work through personal restrictions to expand your acting range and sustainably deliver heart-stopping performances.

For whom?

  • actors (both professional and amateur)
  • actors in training
  • other performing artists (dancers, singers, musicians, circus artists)
  • other theatre professionals and artists (directors, writers, dramaturgs, designers)

The workshop is lead by Sarah Victoria online and facilitated on-site by Mátyás Marofka and Gábor Viktor Kozma.

Time and date: 16-17 March, 10:00-13:00
Location: 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1-3., Grabo Studio 80 
Language: English 
Price: 80 euros / 30.000HUF


  • both online and in-person participants are welcome!
  • basic knowledge of English is sufficient in order to take part

You can apply by filling in the following form:

For further information and questions, please write to us: ladderartcompany.workshops@gmail.com

About P.E.M.

P.E.M. is a groundbreaking acting method that provides actors and other performers with a direct, effortless and safe access to authentic emotions on a purely physical basis, without using personal experiences or emotional memory. P.E.M. was created by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp to provide actors with a reliable craft and to take care of their well-being. It is taught at prestigious acting studios and universities internationally. 

More about P.E.M.: https://pem-acting.com/

About Sarah Victoria, workshop leader:

Sarah Victoria is an actress, PEM Master Instructor, and Head of Kalliso/PEM International. She has been a certified PEM Instructor since 2004 and trained directly with Stephan Perdekamp. She wrote her master’s thesis about the Perdekamp Emotional Method in 2004. She has been teaching for over 19 years, is on the board of directors of the PEM Center Hamburg as well as an actor in the PEM Ensemble Hamburg and the PEM International Ensemble. She has been teaching and leading PEM masterclasses at drama universities worldwide and leading workshops in the US, UK, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Japan, Russia and Europe, as Head of PEM International. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia where she is director of the Australian company Kalliso – PEM.

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