September 10-17,  #EFFEAresidency: 2084 – the Arrival of the Golden Age: Movement Theatre Workshop and Workshop Presentation at Istanbul Fringe Festival:

Matyas Marofka, Artistic Director of Ladder Art Company from Hungary led a movement theatre workshop at TEATR BRAMA as part of Bramat Festival with the 2084 Project that was selected for the European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists (EFFEA) grant in partnership with Istanbul Fringe Festival (Turkey) and Winterwerft Festival (Germany).

Within the scope of the program, artistic director Matyas Marofka hosted a week-long intensive movement theatre workshop with selected local performers chosen through open calls in Goleniow and Istanbul. Beside the introduction to different physical theatre training approaches, participants were proposed some ideas of a future production “2084 – The Arrival of the Golden Age”. The story refers to George Orwell’s 1984 novel, and envisions the likely consequences of social and environmental changes in the 21st century, showing how global warming and related threats affect our present and near future. The future performance is a non-verbal, movement-based, physical, and visual theater production – it is going to be presented in 2024!

Local performers worked around the proposed ideas, and as a result of the workshops, they showed their work through workshop presentations at the festivals.

The Project was supported by #EFFEA – the Europian Festival Funds for Emerging Artists.

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